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NAFA Daniel show

April 2, 2007

Kudos to Reg, Denise, Wan and Liz for graduating from NAFA. Great show i must say, Loved all ur werks.

But what was really cool is to bump into Lumpy, Julia, Brian and DANIEL YOUNG who was late for the show. And I Swear, Conversation with daniel made my day. sort of.

Case Study 01.
*Daniel and Brian Arrives late for the show.*
Daniel: Knn ! I haven’t Even get my diploma, they got their degrees liao! CCB!
Brian: Oh I also haven’t collected my diploma from GO yet.
Daniel: NO LAH, I haven’t graduated yet

Case Study 02.
*Julia and daniel just discovered that jo and i are together now.*
Julia: Daniel! I tot i’m the only one who doesn’t know that they are together now. *high five*
Julia: Oei I’m a girl here leh! please…… *then looks to me hoping to get my response to daniel’s question*
Me: erm erm… Hahaha WTF!
Julia: *still looking for an answer*
Josh: So! Which Hole? the nose? the Ears? the Belly Button?
Denise: *returns with joanne from toilet* HUH what you all talking about ah?

Case Study 3
*Daniel Goes to the grad show’s GUEST BOOK and writes*

Case Study 4
*Group gathers outside NAFA deciding on where to go..*
Me and Jo: Where are you guys going to hang?
Daniel:*whips out a cigarette* You two going to POKE POKE isit?
*A random security guard appears behind daniel and blows his whistle in daniel’s face*
Security guard: NO SMOKING!


Willy X Glen

July 29, 2006


You Are Ass And I And See

July 23, 2006


Had an awesome evening with the dudes.. 🙂 I miss you guys soo fucking much

Chill out at Newton Circus & Prince of Wales

May 31, 2006

Shawn Joanne Jon Brian Regina Greg Jbarks Randy Zigg Daryl Pins … hey guys, Thanks for coming. although it wasn't really a FAREWELL thing.. but it's nice to meet up before the whole ARMY shit.. Hahah Prince of Wales was awesome.. thank you zigg for the hoegaarden treat 🙂

New Book + Dinner @ Bugis

May 18, 2006


Shawn’s cheap shot BACK at me

May 11, 2006


 Good one.. 🙂

"This will be your bane … and i will win a TV through a lucky draw before i enter army.." – Our Dearest shawn…

Another Episode of : LOOK AT ME!

May 9, 2006


erm… sorry geri… sorry shawn.. u know i still love both of u.. but i just have to do this..

Music for Jon’s Ride.

April 26, 2006

After KTV last night, Jon Jo and Me headed for HK cafe for some french toast. And yessssssssssss Jon's Land Rover finally has Speakers… and here is the list of songs we listen to during the trip.

1) Beck – Girl
2) The Cure – Friday I'm in love
3) Death Cab – Soul Meets Body.
4) Gorillaz – Feel Good Inc
5) Morrissey – Suedehead
6) Morrissey – You have killed me
7) Morrissey – First of the gang
8) Postal Service – Such Great Heights
9) Stereophonics – Dakota
10) Suede – Beautiful Ones
11) The Killers – Somebody Told Me

Can't wait for the BASS speakers for the jeep!

The Producers + a long day out.

April 20, 2006


The Day started with Jon picking me up to go BDA office to have a chat with lilian.. wah .. i didn't know that BDA office got 4 fucking floors hahaha i tot 3 only. 4th floor can do bbq siah! haha 😛 so anyway it ended after everyone went gaga and "NARR BEII" with jon's land rover. then we headed to town, far east for some fried mars bar.. then then jon suddenly remember that yihan, rach and tawadee wanted to meet for dinner at pepper lunch… So we met up with joanne and then we headed down to PEPPER LUNCH. haha okay and today was the day where Me Joanne And Tawadee broke our Pepper lunch virginity and had AWESOME pepper lunch dinner.. haha *yes this is the first part of our horny day out* after dinner jon, me and jo went to watch the PRODUCERS…

Okay Mel brooks is brilliant with the musical hahaha fucking funny .. unlimited gay and german jokes from start to end of the movie.. i give it 7.5/10 .. would love to catch the orginal musical on dvd thou. yessssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss
…… sssss… !

okay after movie it was around 12… BAM! we were at CHIJMES and we picked tawadee up and headed to paulaners for german beer! 🙂 .. each of us had 0.5 litres each and then we just talk rubbish and took fake lomo pics with my camera…

honestly it was suppose to be an EMO drinking session and jo can't wait to listen to juicy emo stories but we started talking about everyone else in the world.. and we talked about our unglam drunk experiences and favourite puking location … eventually jon and tawadee wanted more beers.. we headed down to kopitiam and had beer and supper and chatted somemore.. we talked about ex.. school ppl.. drunk times.. people we dun know.. people we dun like… sex… smoking.. and alot of shit… so anyway it was like 4am.. and jon drove us home… okay here's the interesting part…

on our exciting trip around singapore.. we talked about kinky jungle sex and screamed unglam stuff out of the jeep.. haha in housing estates in the middle of the night.. haha whistle at ang mo chicks etc etc… haha jo was freaking out… tawadee wanted to get off the car .. jon kept driving.. and i can't stop laughing..

It was awesome… and a little tip to everyone…

"We're all less mysterious than we think we are…. "
remember that … 🙂