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May 26, 2006



10/10 Music Badges for Design Lovin’ People

May 19, 2006

10 out of 10 badges REVEALED!

COVER pending

Featured designer no.10 JOSHUA
Title: (This is) the dream of Evan and Chan – DNTEL 

Featured designer no.9 JOANNE
Title: Something's Missing – John Mayer

Featured designer no.8 ERNEST
Title: Through the Pane – Across Five Aprils

Featured designer no.7 PING
Title: Vidrar vel til loftarasa – sigur ros

Featured designer no. 6 – JEAN
Title Try – John Mayer Trio

Featured designer no.5 – PINS
Title: I Miss You – Incubus

Featured designer no.4 – MICCA
Title: Friendship station – Le Tigre

Featured designer no.3 – RANDY
Title: Girl on Queen Street – Plain Sunset

Featured designer no.2 – SHAWN
Title: Counting Blue Cars – Dishwalla


May 16, 2006


I will follow you into the dark – Death Cab

May 15, 2006


let me know what u think 🙂 Cheers 

dilemma.. dilemma.. dilemma…

May 14, 2006

"Today we cannot scold alot of vulgarities! .. cos today is mother's day."

There's going to be a collaboration effort with a few fellow designers… and i guess i'm going to list some songs too 😛 hahaha top 10 eh! haha in NO particular order at all…
1) I will follow you into the dark – death cab for a cutie
2) Maybe tomorrow – Stereophonics
3) Winning the Battle, Losing the War – kings of convenience
ce4) Music is the Victim – Scissor sisters
5) Evil – Interpol
6) You only Live once – The Strokes
7) Fire coming out of the monkey's head – Gorillaz
8) Sweet dreams ( are made of these) – Eurythmics
9) Beautiful Ones – Suede

and the last some that i might just do is…

10) SPECIAL SOMEONE – (The one and only) … PEEP SHOW


Keep a look out for the updated post with designs for the badges 🙂