Field Camp just ended… it’s like it never happened.

this is one of those entries which i bitch about life.. u should stop reading it by now 🙂

7 days out in the field in field camp.. although shit loads of things happened… here i am sitting in front of lisa, and i have no idea what to write about.. yes we had missions simulations and shit like tt.. powder bath and like mocca cooking sessions.. but what really appealed to me was the silence of the night… i know i know.. it’s beginning to sound like some sappy gay shit. but serious… if u ask me one thing i learn from being out field…

the night sky fucks ur mind up.. MAJOR

Imagine after a whole day of physical activity, the sergent major screams on his loud hailer that it’s time for lights out… u crawl into ur tent .. and u just stare at the translucent and not so waterproof roof of ur tent. Things starts to fly around into ur head.. and out.. *and i’m not talking about the sand flies and mosquitos * random song lyrics pop in and out.. everything and everyone u ever cared for is a few km away in a island called singapore. there u are.. with nothing but ur stupid WWII weapon and ur helmet that’s field with sand and mud. And after ur personal emo moment… u fall asleep.. u wake up … sling ur weapon.. empty the mud and put on ur helmet .. and u proceed on with ur activities .. welcome to the suck.

serious… i’m really not cut out for this army life.. i miss advertising. i miss design .. i miss life… i miss you.


3 Responses to “Field Camp just ended… it’s like it never happened.”

  1. rachel Says:

    “there u are.. with nothing but ur stupid WWII weapon and ur helmet that’s FIELD with sand and mud. ”

    look what the army has done to fq. filled! not field. haha

  2. xanderez Says:

    SIAH LAH! .. jialat.. serious liao..

  3. raysyed Says:

    hi how do we post it on diff adress

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