X Men 3 The last stand?

Watched Xmen 3 on tuesday, kinda weird, went to office to collect my pay cheque then suddenly priscilla jumped out and waved to 2 tickets for Xmen 3 premiere tickets and ask me if i wanted to watch. so BAM! Shawn and I ran to Cineleisure and dashed into the coca cola hall to watch the movie.

So what can u expect from the director of 2 rush hour, who just took over the director of USUAL SUSPECTS. Action. Before i freak anyone out, there shall be Minimal spoiler in this review… if u seen the trailer. u won't be surprised with what i am about to say… so ya.. πŸ™‚ This time, Brett Ratner brought More action to the Superhero trilogy, Awesome Mutant wars, as seen in the trailer, and i can see their budget has increased again. Alot of reviewers are giving it 2 big thumbs up, but honestly as much as i like the action, i wouldn't say it's fucking awesome or something like that. Character development was kinda weak. and some characters were brought in for the sake of doing so.. to bring in around 20 over characters.. alot of the main ones feels kinda short-changed.. if u know what i mean…. But still alot of fan boy scenes and classic moments. But as most people know, Vinnie Jones aka. Juggernaut looks like someone with a BDSM fetish and the DOP have to constantly do low angle shots to keep him BIG.. i dunno man. he's quite a turn off. and his origins in the movie is totally different from the comic, which i thought was a MAJOR turn off.

For those people who have not been reading news paper and fan sites, PLEASE STAY PAST THE CREDITS.. An additional scene reveals much about whether there could be a " Xmen 4 – The LASTer Stand" πŸ™‚

i think the movie is … good but not awesome, i would say it's a okay sequel? but still not close to perfect.:) 7.9/10

2 Responses to “X Men 3 The last stand?”

  1. micca Says:

    oh fug. tawadee and I didn’t stay past the credits! What was happening?

  2. xanderez Says:

    i would love to tell u .. but tt would have been spoilers.. hahaha πŸ™‚ dun want shawn to stick a raven up my ass or soemthing πŸ˜‰ hahah.. will tell u on msn

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