10/10 Music Badges for Design Lovin’ People

10 out of 10 badges REVEALED!

COVER pending

Featured designer no.10 JOSHUA
Title: (This is) the dream of Evan and Chan – DNTEL 

Featured designer no.9 JOANNE
Title: Something's Missing – John Mayer

Featured designer no.8 ERNEST
Title: Through the Pane – Across Five Aprils

Featured designer no.7 PING
Title: Vidrar vel til loftarasa – sigur ros

Featured designer no. 6 – JEAN
Title Try – John Mayer Trio

Featured designer no.5 – PINS
Title: I Miss You – Incubus

Featured designer no.4 – MICCA
Title: Friendship station – Le Tigre

Featured designer no.3 – RANDY
Title: Girl on Queen Street – Plain Sunset

Featured designer no.2 – SHAWN
Title: Counting Blue Cars – Dishwalla


2 Responses to “10/10 Music Badges for Design Lovin’ People”

  1. Randy Says:

    OMG. All the badges all so emo. Can we have some non-emo badges plx.

  2. xanderez Says:

    compared to the ones that are about to arrive.. i think this is teh NON emo batch

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