MTV – X-Wife’s Ping-Pong video


T- shirt graphics… Badge designs… MTV… ALL in one… Awesome MTV..
Now just need to find out how did they do that.. 😦

2 Responses to “MTV – X-Wife’s Ping-Pong video”

  1. Jo Says:

    I actually think it might be camera matched.
    They created a 3d version of the cloth? and then map the video on there.
    And then there are the filters…i dunno watcha call it, like the multiplies and the overlays and all that jazz. hahaha.


  2. xanderez Says:

    hahaha weird leh.. if 3d map.. abit hardcore rite?
    haha maybe loh.. but the movement of the cloth could be fake too 😛

    all depends on budget.. for al u know
    they do stop motion
    hahahah a

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