I actually went there…


Met Melvyn, Xavier and Dian for lunch today at LPS.. shawn pang seh me.. 😦 the other shawn (yap) also pang seh…
anyway.. after lunch decided to visit books actually for a while. awesome place.. awesome books.. love the decore.. so do go there before u die or something.. πŸ™‚

After tt went to town to walk around alone.. returned my overdue comic book and GUIDE TO LONDON :(.. went to kino.. saw new books.. finished 2 archives there .. then bought a new book to my tiny design book library… man i'm running out of space to stack more books…. ++ Design points for FQ..

here's what i bought…

Yes guys.. after web design:Studio… and Web design: Portfolio.. comes Web design Flash sites…
kinda think of it.. the past 2 books were filled with flash sites what… i think they are just out of ideas for titles.
and why is there a cursor … it's not like html sites dun have cursor what.. wtf.. but i bought the book anyway πŸ™‚

once again. kinetic got featured.. DAMN U!!… VICTORY SHALL ME MINE.. sian.. 😦

okay along with the book i spent another like 60 bucks on the following items

1) 50 Blank CDRs
2) 50 Blank covers
3) 10 A4 sticker paper.. ( YES I"M MAKING STICKERS NEXT.. Collaboration anyone? )
4) Blank Paper…
5) Special packaging for my buttons that i might be making..

Last but not least.. the most important shopping item….

6) BEER.. haha my fridge is dry.. so WADSZUUUPPPPPPPPPP!!!!…and some asahi.. πŸ™‚

not the coolest thing to take photo and show.. so erm. ya πŸ™‚

i'm going to take a shit.. 


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