What have i been listening to?

Spent the day listening to music and making EMO badges for myself. Calling out to anyone who wants to make badges.. haha let's do a short series just for fun 🙂 Going to serve the fucking country soon anyway, so might as well do more fun stuff.

Just a little update on what i'm working on…

Aaron's Portfolio site.
More Badges
Shawn Yap's Portfolio site.
What ever design stuff i feel like doing.
Go around getting design Scene points
Laugh at General Elections
Watch more DVDs.
Drink More alcohol.
Listen more CDs
Act DJ at home .. (MY OWN HOME… not home club)
Well anyway here's some albums i've been listening to on my ipod.
Other albums with no CD Covers Include

Ben Gibbard – Live in Chicago ( Performing hits from postal service and Death cab on an Acoustic Set )
Furniture – Twlight Chases the Sun
De-Phazz – Death by Chocolates
Anyway guys.. i'm really serious about the making a series for fun thing 🙂

Do let me know 🙂

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