Marche + Bombers

Went out with Yihan Josh and Merv for lunch.. HEAVY lunch so basically in our little trip in marche the following dishes disappeared into our mouths..

2 rostis with Hunter Chicken Sausage and Garlic Pork Sausage.
1 Roast Chicken Drum Stick + Thigh
1 Ham & Cheese Crepe
1 Fried Calamari
6 Live Tiger Prawns with Sambal Chili
Half SeaBass With sambal Chili
0.5 Litres of Erdinger Beer
2 Glasses of Root Beer
1 Milk Shake

so anyway after tt we continued our lunch at Billy Bombers with

1 Chocolate Milk Shake
1 Billy Bomber's Sandae (3 Scoops)
1 Banana Choco MIlk Shake
1 Ben & Jerry's Icecream Scoop.

Yes…. We ate all that 🙂

Any one wanna exercise??


One Response to “Marche + Bombers”

  1. Jon Says:

    i should`ve went to meet you guys… dAMMIT

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