Welcome to the suck.

Suggested techniques for the marine to use in the avoidance of boredom and loneliness: Masturbation. Rereading of letters from unfaithful wives and girlfriends. Cleaning your rifle. Further masturbation. Rewiring Walkman. Arguing about religion and meaning of life. Discussing in detail, every woman the marine has ever fucked. Debating differences, such as Cuban vs. Mexican, Harleys vs. Hondas, left- vs. right-handed masturbation. Further cleaning of rifle. Studying of phillipino mail order bride catalogue. Further masturbation. Planning of marine's first meal on return home. Imagining what a marine's girlfriend and her man Jody are doing in the hey, or in the alley, or in a hotel bed.

Jarhead – Directed by Sam Mendes

Jake Gyllenhaal & Jamie Foxx did a really good job in the movie. If you are looking for an ANTI-WAR film / GORE film/ Alot of "Kabooms here and there" film.. this is not it. if you love American Beauty, Lord of war… this is it. 🙂

Get the DVD.. it's out already ..


3 Responses to “Welcome to the suck.”

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