Music for Jon’s Ride.

After KTV last night, Jon Jo and Me headed for HK cafe for some french toast. And yessssssssssss Jon's Land Rover finally has Speakers… and here is the list of songs we listen to during the trip.

1) Beck – Girl
2) The Cure – Friday I'm in love
3) Death Cab – Soul Meets Body.
4) Gorillaz – Feel Good Inc
5) Morrissey – Suedehead
6) Morrissey – You have killed me
7) Morrissey – First of the gang
8) Postal Service – Such Great Heights
9) Stereophonics – Dakota
10) Suede – Beautiful Ones
11) The Killers – Somebody Told Me

Can't wait for the BASS speakers for the jeep!


2 Responses to “Music for Jon’s Ride.”

  1. Jon Says:

    it`ll be seductive but i`m trying to make it orgasmic… so chip in and i can make it a bombshell and we can all BLAST BLASTOISE!

  2. xanderez Says:

    orgasmic is goood.. i sense kinky jungle sex coming up with MAMBO Music.. hahahahaha 🙂

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