DVDs + DVDs – Time = ????

I need to seriously stop borrowing/ buying DVDs and START watching them…

this is what i have… and have not watched yet…

1) Wallace & Gromit – Curse of the were rabbit
2) Serenity
3) Elizabeth Town
4) One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest
5) Pulp Fiction ( Watched before.. but want to watch again )
6) Reservior Dogs ( I think it’s not working )
7) Broken Flowers
8) Thumbsuckers
9) Karas Vol 1~4
10) Rock School
11) The Weather Man
12) The Usual Suspects
13) Immortel
14) Full Metal Jacket
15) Trainspotting ( Ending left…. DVD Spoil)
16) Elections (HK)
17) Freddy Vs Jason
18) The Shinning
19) Coffee & Cigrattes ( Watching it again )
20) Dawn of the Dead ( 1978 )
21) Clockwork orange

And i think there’s a few more dvds if i try to find them….
Movie marathon anyone.. oh yes.. there is still a few more dvds i wanna buy .. wait.. shit.. that’s quite another list… erm.. crap….


One Response to “DVDs + DVDs – Time = ????”

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