Munich + New Lomo Album

Just watched Munich with shawn and jared. Well what can i say.. Awesome Direction and Soundtrack.. what more could i ask for from Spielberg and Williams. hehe norminated for best picture, director, editing, screenplay, original score… haha i love the editing and the direction of photography… I give it a 8.5 out of 10.. And note.. except for some parts, the image of the HULK would not appear.. which is a good sign.. 🙂

anyway .. 2 more new rolls are out 🙂 here’s a small preview.


SCOTTY doesn’t seem very good at it does he? … Geri looks bored…LOL
Jared’s display of intelligence


Poptarto Potato

For More pics.. visit MY LOMOHOME HERE

NOTE [ Click on ENGLISH on the top right of the site, then go to ALBUM which is before the link for FRIENDS ]


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