Don’t throw chopsticks out of the window!

Long ago, My uncle once threw my chopsticks out of the window cos i wasn’t holding it correctly
the chopsticks flew down and hit a rabbit
The rabbit staggered onto the road
A oncoming car tries to avoid the rabbit
and ended up crashing into the tree

In fact, a coconut tree
The man in the car then died of heart attack
A coconut fell from the tree and bounced off the car
A motorcyclist went over the coconut and flew down a hill

Meanwhile..the coconut carried on rolling and ended up at a void deck
A M@lay came along and kicks it and got arrested for playing soccer at void deck

Back to the motor cyclist who is stuck at the bottom of a hill

He met up with a girl named jill
and he said “hey”
and she said “hey”
and then they had sex

After Sex he asked her “who are you?”
and she says “My name is jack”
the motor cyclist remained silent for 5 secs
he then said “i must be rose.”

The End

Merv Josh and I are the coolest scriptwriters in the face of the earth, let me know if anyone wants to turn this into a feature film! 🙂


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