Shit Happens.

Doesn’t it just suck when something that u expect to happen doesn’t happen.. only to happen later on when you have forgotten about it. Just when i’m worrying about one side, the other side falls apart… Will talk about it more another day.

Decided to watch my dvds today and today is S.P.L Day. Awesome fighting sequence, it’s like the director edited out the storyline and left all the action bits in the show, but still Donnie yen and Sam Hung is still kicking ass. It’s nice to see donnie yen acting again and not just a stun man. Nice editing, abit like “Snatch” but with “Jiang Hu” colours … right.. anyway went out for dinner with Shawn Jo and Geri @Pastamania. Jo was trying to write some song and well shawn came up with the Most Brokeback-ish cum Tran-ish lyrics someone can come up with.

“I’m not a man, i’m not a woman, I’m not even something u can understand”

erm… ya…


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