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I am disappointed.. :(

February 28, 2006


“sigh… where’s the cool slimey custome… sian.”


Don’t throw chopsticks out of the window!

February 25, 2006

Long ago, My uncle once threw my chopsticks out of the window cos i wasn’t holding it correctly
the chopsticks flew down and hit a rabbit
The rabbit staggered onto the road
A oncoming car tries to avoid the rabbit
and ended up crashing into the tree

In fact, a coconut tree
The man in the car then died of heart attack
A coconut fell from the tree and bounced off the car
A motorcyclist went over the coconut and flew down a hill

Meanwhile..the coconut carried on rolling and ended up at a void deck
A M@lay came along and kicks it and got arrested for playing soccer at void deck

Back to the motor cyclist who is stuck at the bottom of a hill

He met up with a girl named jill
and he said “hey”
and she said “hey”
and then they had sex

After Sex he asked her “who are you?”
and she says “My name is jack”
the motor cyclist remained silent for 5 secs
he then said “i must be rose.”

The End

Merv Josh and I are the coolest scriptwriters in the face of the earth, let me know if anyone wants to turn this into a feature film! 🙂

Winnie PWNS Tammy

February 23, 2006


NYP got TAMMY, We got Winnie !

Not shot on a Mobile phone. and not stolen yet 🙂

Brokeback Cartoon

February 22, 2006

Brokeback cartoon

Shit Happens.

February 21, 2006

Doesn’t it just suck when something that u expect to happen doesn’t happen.. only to happen later on when you have forgotten about it. Just when i’m worrying about one side, the other side falls apart… Will talk about it more another day.

Decided to watch my dvds today and today is S.P.L Day. Awesome fighting sequence, it’s like the director edited out the storyline and left all the action bits in the show, but still Donnie yen and Sam Hung is still kicking ass. It’s nice to see donnie yen acting again and not just a stun man. Nice editing, abit like “Snatch” but with “Jiang Hu” colours … right.. anyway went out for dinner with Shawn Jo and Geri @Pastamania. Jo was trying to write some song and well shawn came up with the Most Brokeback-ish cum Tran-ish lyrics someone can come up with.

“I’m not a man, i’m not a woman, I’m not even something u can understand”

erm… ya…

IMD Year Disc

February 20, 2006

imd test

Just had a photoshoot last week for our graduation year book, and this is roughly what we came up with. Just go to the link and place your mouse over me 🙂 P.S. I think you need Flash 8 player. Anyway i was just fooling around, but check this out too 🙂

Jason Mraz – Mr A-Z

February 20, 2006

Jason Mraz - Mr A-Z

I’m sure you’ve all heard his earlier hit, THE REMEDY. Jason Mraz is back with his brand new album, MR. A-Z. Jo told me about the album and haha as usual, i’m like blah.. but then i went to check out his performance in youtube and now i’m promoting his album. All i can say is jason is a natural entertainer who can really sing. Check out tracks like GEEK IN THE PINK, WORDPLAY, O LOVER in itunes now 🙂 Btw He’s performing in singapore at the Mosiac Music Festival, But i’m sorry girls, Joanne is already going to be HIS remedy …


Geek in the pink.

February 20, 2006

Okay, i’m bored… FYP is over, so it’s time to make a new blog. haha fuck man.. i have to STOP making blogs and start writing posts. hahah anyway just testing out this shit.. would be back soon!